Wax infused Tinder Rope

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  • This emergency fire starter can work in any weather conditions or at any altitude to ignite, including rain, sunlight, snow, wind, high altitude.Mother Nature can be brutal at times, so it is important to have a tinder quick fire starter tool when you are out there
  • Enough wind resistance: this tinder rope is thick and natural, made of jute rope, wax infused, so it is easy and quick to light and also has strong wind resistance; When the wind blows, it is not so easy to extinguish, and it is more wind resistant than ordinary twine
  • Rippable rope: a piece of rope is made up of 4 strands of string that you can tear off, each strand burns for about 15 minutes on its own. It burns for a total of 60 minutes when you tear it into 4 pieces of string to use, all natural tinder is great for starting fires
  • Durable and effective: the tinder fire starter is efficient, waterproof, weatherproof, works well in most weather conditions; overall length is 3.94 Inch, the width is 0.79 inch, and the whole tinder rope can burn for 20 minutes, can also be applied as a makeshift torch or candle
  • Widely application: you can light fire whenever you need them, practical tool for jungle adventure, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, every day carry, etc., suitable for lighting campfires, barbecues, signal fires or emergency situations.