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STAT Compact Gun Shot Wound Kit (BASIC)

TrauMed Custom First Aid Kits

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 TrauMed's STAT PAK Compact  kit is designed to provide the first aid materials necessary for the immediate treatment of serious penetrating injuries to the chest/ back. In this kit you will find the components needed to seal penetrating entry and exit wounds, control bleeding, pack wounds and treat initial shock. This kit is NOT a cure but the first step to higher definitive care.  This Kit could save a life ! Available in Black, Tan, Camo, and Red, Green

Length: 6.1”, Width: 4.5”, Thickness: 2.2, Kit Contains: 14 Items


1 Pr 7''  Heavy Duty Trauma Shears


1 Hy-fin Chest Seal Compact Twin Pack 


2  4” x 4” Gauze Sponges 


2  Pairs Nitrile Gloves 

1  Injury Card 

1  Silver Survival Wrap Blanket


1  3in x 2ft Quik Clot 

1  4” NAR (ETD) Emergency Trauma Dressing

1  4.5” x 4.1 yd Krinkled Compressed Gauze 

1  CAT 7 Tourniquet

1 Sharpie Marker


1  Blk Compact Water Resistant Pouch