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SLIM LINE Individual Officer's aid kit ( SINGLE KIT )

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This kit was designed in the wake of all of the recent loss of our Police Officers due to senseless violence in recent weeks.
Introducing the SLIM LINE specifically designed for Law Enforcement & Security officers. kit is compact and can be stored in a cargo pocket or easily attached to a vest. The SLIM LINE can be deployed in seconds and has everything you need to control or stop severe bleeding. This kit is very similar to our STAT PAK, just a few items less and more compact. This kit can also be used for the officers injured K9
1 Set NAR Chest Seals
1 Trauma Shear
1 Quick Clot 2ft x 3in
1 SWAT-T Tourniquet
1 Wound Packing Gauze
2 Pr Nitrile Gloves
1 NAR Mini Compression Dressing