MTM Survivor Small Dry Box (Orange)

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When faced with adversity, rarely are you given a second chance. You rely on experience to get to your destination and the right gear to get it done. MTM Survivor Dry Boxes are designed for those extreme environments.
The tongue & groove construction uses an o-ring for water-resistant dry storage. The built in compass will always be there when you need it. The signaling mirror on the bottom the dry box is the same size as the US armed forces receive in their survivor packs. Double padlock tabs. Lanyard attaching points, to tie it down for rafting trips, ATV's etc.. The dry boxes use a triple latching system for the best possible seal.
The Survivor Dry Box makes a good ammunition travel case due to its size and shape. The box follows the  guidelines for a lockable ammunition travel case.

Outside Dimensions: 9.8" Long x 6.8" Wide x 3" Tall
Inside Dimensions: 8.2" Long x 5" Wide x 2.6" Tall
Storage Volume: 106.6 Cubic Inc