0.9g Kraft Pure Honey

TrauMed Custom First Aid Kits

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Individual packet of Kraft honey (.31 oz/ 9g, or roughly 1 teaspoon)

Raw Honey can help maximize your Dog's health benefits.

1. Raw Honey provides allergy relief to dogs.

2. Raw Honey soothes symptoms of kennel cough

3. Raw Honey helps heal dog's burns ,scrapes and cuts

Note: Deep, wide or puncture wounds should always be examined by a veterinarian before applying any medicine.

4. Raw Honey reduces GI upset in dogs

Again, you need to be certain about what you’re dealing with, so seeking veterinary advice in these situations is wise.

5. Raw Honey lends and energy boost to dogs.

Heads up: If your dog is diabetic, discuss the use of honey in his diet with your veterinarian. Honey is a simple sugar.

A final caution: Do not give honey to puppies. Natural, raw honey can contain very small numbers of Clostridium botulinum spores, which can be found in dirt and dust. The mature digestive systems of adult dogs (and humans) can move the spores through the body before they cause any harm, but puppies (and babies) can become sick from ingesting the spores. Save honey treatments for dogs who are more than a year old.