Handheld Orange Smoke Flares, 3-Pack


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Alert others to your location with Orion’s Handheld Orange Smoke Flare.

Designed to work in all weather conditions, the Handheld Orange Smoke Flare won’t extinguish due to wind or rain. This flare produces a dense, orange smoke cloud that burns for one minute and is visible for up to five miles away during the day. Proven to be the most successfully dynamic daytime signal, orange smoke allows others to locate you easily in case of an emergency. With simple and clear instructions boaters will find these flares easy to use. Store flares in a dry place on your boat.

Key Features

  • Produces dense, orange smoke cloud for locating boaters in distress
  • Visible for up to five miles away during the day
  • Easy-to-use instructions


  • Signal Type: Orange smoke hand flare
  • Burn Time: One minute
  • Deployment Method: Match strike igniter
  • Type Approval: USCG daytime use only
  • Replacement Interval: 42 months from manufacture date

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