Canine Field Medicine First Aid for Your Active Dog

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  • 98 pages
  •  Mountaineers Books
  •  978-0-692-78739-7
  •  May 14, 2018

Paperback / softback


• Advice for keeping your dog healthy in the backcountry, including preventative and emergency care
• Descriptive photos and important points provided for easy reference
• Handy, carry-along size

We love bringing our dogs along on outdoor adventures, whether backpacking , hiking, or hunting, and they love coming just as much. But just like humans, our canine partners can suffer an illnesses or accidents when we’re in the backcountry, a long way from home. If your dog should seem sick, do you know how to check? What would you do if he suddenly collapsed? These and many other obvious and not so obvious health issues are described in Canine Field Medicine. Veternarian Sid Gustafson provides tips on how to examine your dog, and what to do if he’s choking, coughing, wounded, bleeding, goes lame, or has a head injury. He discusses eyes, ears, and mouth health and the first aid that’s required for things like frostbite, heat stroke, hypothermia, and sunburn.

The point of every outdoor adventure is to have fun and come back safely. Being prepared for the worst is generally the best way to stack the odds of a successful outing in our favor—for humans and for our four-legged friends.