6" Israeli Bandage

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  • ➤Vacuum sterile sealed package, compact and portable
  • ➤6 inch wide and 70 inch long, 3-layer dressing pad, for traumatic hemorrhagic injury
  • ➤Combat-proven first-aid equipment, based on the special design of this one-piece bandage, the injured person can SELF-RESCUE with one hand
  • ➤Israeli battle dressing (IBD) far exceeds the design of general first aid bandage, integrated disinfection gauze, fast hemostatic bandage, pressure-integrated device, equivalent to a small emergency system, widely used in outdoor survival, you can use this 3.6m elastic bandage as rings, splints, and even a simple tourniquet in an emergency.
  • ➤Lifetime warranty: With different kinds of safety and health certifications, Risen always provides the highest quality medical-grade first aid kits and the best services to our customers. You will get satisfaction or 100% refund.