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3V Large Medic Pouch Only

3V Gear

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The 3V Large Medic pouch in an emergency you need to stay calm, assess the situation and obtain your emergency supplies. The 3V Gear Large Medic Pouch is here for you! With the ability to pack it full with critical first aid essentials, needed in almost every situation, this Large Medic Pouch is a necessity. Burly 600 Denier PVC backed polyester construction provides a strong water-resistant pouch to keep medical supplies secure and dry. This MOLLE pouch is just the right size to store in your vehicle, in a backpack or strapped to your pack. Featuring an easy access clam shell design, multiple elastic loops for gauze and tape, large Velcro sleeves for bandages and patches this medic pouch can be customized in any way you desire. The updated version of this Medic Pouch includes 2 YKK Annex Clips for easy attachment and removal from any bag and allows you to switch the pouch between any bag that utilizes MOLLE webbing. Also includes a PVC medic patch so you can immediately distinguish this pouch in an emergency. The 3V Gear Large Medic Pouch does not include any medical supplies.


PLEASE CLICK ON LINK (3V LARGE MEDIC POUCH) AT THE TOP OF THE DESCRIPTION TO PURCHASE. The pouch will come directly from the manufacture as TrauMed is only an affiliate of 3V and does not have these in stock.  Thank You.



  • Clamshell opening main compartment for easy access.
  • Elastic loops for gauze rolls, tape rolls and medical supplies
  • Large Velcro sleeve for bandages and patches
  • Rugged 600 Denier PVC backed polyester construction.
  • Includes 2 YKK Annex Clips
  • Includes a PVC medic patch.
  • No medical supplies included.
  • Measures: 8"L x 3"W x 6"H
  • Weight: 7.5 oz.


Lifetime Warranty