0.6ml Ampule Steri Strip Tincture of Benzoin ( 5 Pack)

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Liquid Steri-Strip Skin closure Benzoin Tincture.


  • Intended use: Intended for use as an adhesive adjunct, when enhancement of surgical tape and adhesive wound closure adhesion is desired.
  • Contraindication: It should not be used on patients with a previous history of sensitivity to compound Benzoin tincture.
  • Warnings: Allergic contact dermatitis to compound Benzoin tincture has been reported, flammable, for external use only.
  • Precaution: Spillage of compound Benzoin tincture into the wound should be avoided, as it may impair the wound healing process.
  • Storage conditions: Store below 40°C, avoid excessive heat or humidity.
  • Sterile.